Reduce the hassle and awkwardness of lending money to friends and family.
Let’s make finance human again.

Never chase a friend down for money again.

Never chase a friend down for money again.

Add a friend

Add friends and family who you feel comfortable lending to or borrowing from.

Make money available

Connect your bank account and make money available to friends.

Pay on your terms

When you borrow money, you choose the payment schedule and interest rate that work for you.

Why are people using Frank?

Keep it safe

Automatic payments reduces risk and "chasing"

Keep it friendly

Norms-based terms eliminate negotiations

Keep it in the family

Save money by cutting out banks and middle men
"I love Frank. It helped me borrow from my Aunt when I was moving. It gave me credibility when I asked, but didn't feel too formal."
- Matt B.
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Frank uses state-of-the-art, bank-grade security measures and practices.

All financial transactions are securely processed by industry leaders, using the same security used by companies like Shopify, Lyft and Venmo.

No sensitive or financial information is stored on our servers.

We use 2048-bit TLS/SSL asymmetric encryption to secure information in-transit.

You can learn more about our security measures in the Security portion of our FAQ section.

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