Great things happen when people support each other.

At Frank, our mission is simple: to make it easy for you to share money with those you care about. We want to make finance about communities. We want to make finance about people.

Luckily, this is also smart economics. Research shows that when we help our friends financially, everyone benefits. Money gets paid back and everyone feels more connected without the hassle of middlemen or fees.

What will you build with Frank? We can’t wait to see.

Our business model

Frank is committed to building a business model that aligns with your group’s interests. For our earliest users, Frank will always be free. We'll even cover transaction costs so every dollar contributed is kept by you and your group.

We're still exploring models for future growth. Under one model, we’d offer extra support to select groups and collect a small percentage of each tip added to that group’s pot. Regardless of how exactly we do it, you and your community will always stay central to our mission.

Our team

D'Arcy Coolican

D’Arcy Coolican


In 2014, D’Arcy began working on Frank to create an alternative to banks. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company in the financial services, technology, and media practices division. He’s a graduate of Columbia Law School, Stanford University, and McGill University.

Lucas Coffman

Lucas Coffman

Chief Behavioral Officer

Luke is a behavioral economist and ensures everything we do at Frank is informed by the latest in behavioral research. He got his PhD from Harvard in 2010 and is on faculty at Harvard after visiting stints at Stanford and Yale School of Management. His research interests range from morality to persuasion to schooling decisions in developing countries.

Tommaso Vaccarella

Tommaso Vaccarella


Tommaso leads the growth team at Frank and is in love with all things behavioral economics related. After co-founding Wrong Way Pictures, he transitioned to the tech world, working for HyperTV and Hudson East Capital. Tommaso received his BA in Entrepreneurship Management from Pace University.

Yair Avgar

Yair Avgar

Chief Technology Officer

Yair tends to all the 0's and 1's at Frank as the Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Frank, he was previously CTO at CBR Systems, Seen.co, and NetGrocer.com. He is also a CS lecturer at Columbia University. He has degrees in cognitive psycology and computer sciences from Tel Aviv University and Bar-lian Unversity.

Join Frank

Frank is currently seeking team-oriented individuals driven to make finance human again. Check out our Jobs page for more details.