About Frank

Frank is a platform to help people borrow and lend money within groups of trusted friends. We're a small NYC-based team inspired by the idea that combining technology and behavioral economics can make the world a better and more human place. Starting with finance, we believe we can help cut out the banks and middlemen while effectively supporting the people and communities around us.

Our team includes D'Arcy Coolican (McKinsey; Columbia Law; Stanford), Dennis Coldwell (Junction; Goldman Sachs Tech VP; RPI), Luke Coffman (Behavioral Economics Professor at OSU; PhD from Harvard), and Evan Abel (MBA from Technion; Friends of Rockaway; OXO)

We have received seed funding and have been selected by ERA — a top NYC-based accelerator — for Winter 2016.

For more information about who we are, what inspires us, and our mission, visit our About page.

Our approach to technology

Technology is critical to us. Along with cutting-edge behavioral economics, technology is an important pillar of our vision and product. Building a next-generation financial platform involves challenges of flexibility, scale, speed, security, and usability. We're committed to building an organization with technology at the forefront in order to meet those challenges.

As such, our current technology is forward-facing. Our stack includes

  • Go for the backend services/api
  • Polymer/javascript on the frontend
  • Postgres as our datastore

We manage our infrastructure on AWS and make heavy use of Docker for modular and repeatable deployments. We also have a full integration with Stripe for payments processing.

Furthermore, we're committed to learning and adapting to new best-practices that help reduce developer friction. Our emphasis is on evolving the product by making it fun and easy to add new features and enhance the user experience.

Join Frank

Head of Marketing and Growth

Frank is looking for a Head of Marketing and Growth to join our team. Applicants should be team-oriented and enthusiastic to help our mission of making it easier to support and reward the people you care about.

This will be a hands-on role and will work directly with our CEO. As Head of Marketing and Growth you will have full ownership of acquisition strategies, execution and evaluation.

We have begun the growth process and doubled in size every month since launch in December. We’ve had success with content and guerilla campaigns and high virality within the product. We are looking for someone to expand on and scale these concepts while also managing the testing and rollout of additional channels (e.g., paid, SEO, etc.)

Ideal candidates will have 1-5 years experience in growth, marketing and/or user acquisition. Experience overseeing and executing content, events and guerilla marketing campaigns (especially for consumer or fintech start-ups) is a definite advantage.

We love people who think both creatively and strategically, who are committed to experimentation and rapid iteration, and are motivated by the opportunity to change how a broken financial system works.

Competitive compensation, with early employee equity rates.